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Eunita Trays BA (Hons), ADV.DIP Counselling  

(Psych). Cert.Hyp. MBACP


Individual Therapy:

Most of my work is carried out with individuals on a one to one basis. The focus will always be on you and what has brought you to counselling. Together we can explore what is happening to you and why. What resources you have for change and how you would like your life to be.

Consult me if you are:

If you have been:

If you are living with:

Couples Counselling:

What is happening in your relationship?

How are you communicating with each other?

Is your current relationship following a familiar, destructive pattern?

Or are you bewildered and lost in the relationship?

The therapy concentrates on the relationship. The relationship between the couple and their individual relationship with the therapist. How to communicate in an open and honest manner to resolve misunderstandings and conflict. Parenting skills and family disputes.


This is a wonderful form of relaxation and communication with the unconscious that can assist in times of stress and trauma to relieve both body and mind..

Consult me for:


This is a skill which can be taught and will enable you to cope in times of stress and anxiety.

Telephone Counselling:

We are all different and sometimes the very thought of face to face counselling is just too much. Speak to or Email me and arrange telephone consultations. It is an effective therapy and is carried out with the same confidentiality and empathy as face to face counselling.

A trained mind and a listening ear is useful in dealing with many diverse issues such as :


Individual sessions: £35 per 60 minute session

Couples:   £45 per 60 minute session

Hypnotherapy:  £55 per 90 minute session

Telephone Consultation: £35 per 60 minute session.

I am passionate that counselling should be accessible and affordable for all. Discuss it with me at the free initial assessment.

" And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same".( Williamson 1993)  "Healing the body by healing the mind" ( Dr. Brian Weiss)